Property Photography

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Don't want to commit to a full virtual tour or promotion video? We also offer a "photography only" service aimed at providing high quality images for your website and promotional material.

HDR Photography

Where possible, we always shoot using exposure fusion - in simple terms, this means taking the same shot at different exposures and promoting the best exposed pixel to the final image. The result is a much more dynamic picture (HDR = High Dynamic Range), showing more shadow details, while ensuring light areas (sky's lighting etc.) are not "blown out".

Exposure Fusion

Left - Non HDR Image, standard lens | Right - HDR Exposure Fusion Image, professional wide-angle lens

With digital photographs and camera's so common, why do I need professional photographs at all?

The main reason - more business/bookings. If it looks like you have taken time to present you business/property well on the web, then your customers will have more confidence that you take the same care with all aspects of your business. Also, a semi-professional camera, coupled with a good quality wide angle lens will capture more of each room/scene, giving the business space. Getting closer with a wide angle lens also allows unwanted peripheral objects to be excluded from the image. With so much competition, make sure you "stand out from the crowd"!

Still in doubt - look at the examples below, the left hand images were taken by the business owners or property management company, the images on the right are ours.

For a rental property there is not set number of photographs for each project - we take what's required. See a sample gallery here.

We have "still photography only" packages available for a number of business types. See our prices page for more details.

Left - Owners Original Web Photo's | Right - 360 HD Tours Professional Image.